Manfred H Kuhnert
American Artist, Manfred H. Kuhnert was born in 1931 outside the cultural capital of Dresden, son of Franz Joseph & Gertrud Kuhnert.  His mother, Baroness Gertrud Kob Von Urbensteadt was an accomplished artist and graduate of the prestigious Dresden Academy of Fine Art. Under her guidance, she developed his interest and passion for painting at a young age.  Manfred H. Kuhnert is a consummate artist, whose knowledge is solidly grounded in both craft and theory. His complex and intricate sense of color, together with his mastery of line, shape and form unite to create works that arrest the eye.  He is an artist who is intimately connected with the world he paints. His work vividly captures languid days on the California Coast and the serene beauty of The Pacific Ocean which is the inspiration for many of his masterful paintings.  His great skill enables him to capture elusive moods in his paintings without sentiment, offering a fresh, delightful view of the world...truly a vision of enchantment.  Since 1974, millions of prints based on original artworks by Manfred H. Kuhnert have been published and distributed in 73 countries across the globe.  For 34 years, beginning in 1980, he maintained his studio in South Laguna Beach, California.  Inspired by the chiseled light of Laguna Beach, his explorations have evolved from traditional “veduta" paintings, charmingly documenting local scenes around him, to paintings that seek to release the dynamic energy of this sublime landscape.  Since 1994 he has given full voice to expressionistic, and ultimately symbolistic works, seeking “harmony in extremis” through complimentary color pairings, negative space & pure forms liberated from a narrative context.